About Me

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My Philosophy

When it's killing me,

When will I really see,

All that I need to look inside. 

~ Red Hot Chili Peppers (Snow)


My Core Beliefs:

  • We possess the best answers for ourselves within ourselves.

  • If we want to make the world better, we have to start with making ourselves better.

  • Nature is always giving us clues and pointing us in the right direction. It's our job to pay attention.


With the horses acting as our partner, I help facilitate listening and learning.  Contact me to learn more.

My Story

I'm a farmer's daughter. I was raised on a multi-generational family ranch (I am the 6th generation) in Northern California with black Angus cattle, wine grapes, pears, and a few family horses. My first job was driving tractor when I was twelve: I disced fields, hauled brush, and changed irrigation pipe.  I became very connected to the land I lived and worked on. 


In grade, middle and high school, I ran livestock enterprise projects and rode and showed quarter horses. In college, I studied nutrition and wellness, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Along my way of being in the world, both as a youth and an adult, I found that I continually drew back on my horse experience to help me through my life outside the corral. Horses have and will always be my greatest teachers.

As a Certified Equine Interactive Professional Equine Educator (CEIP-ED), I have guided hundreds of clients on their individual journeys.  I work with individuals and groups through networking events, private retreats, and one to one mentoring.


My hope is to inspire the next generation of land stewards and leaders through innovative programs like Marin Ranch School, a learning program, for 9-12 year olds, combining horse-ranch management and on-the-ground horse skills with life skill education. I regularly facilitate teens in recovery programs and teach leadership with horses to kids from underserved communities through Ocean Riders of Marin where I am also on the Board of Directors.

My work is rooted in science and the wilds of nature; I rely on connection from the horses as well as the inner wisdom that is within all of us. 

Stephanie Holdenried 


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