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My Core Beliefs

  • We possess the best answers for ourselves within ourselves.

  • If we want to make the world better, we have to start with making ourselves better.

  • Nature is always giving us clues and pointing us in the right direction. It's our job to pay attention.


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Hi there,
I'm Stephanie,

I teach a relational form of horsemanship which I call Embodied Presence. The idea is that we are each completely (as in 100%) responsible for our half of any relationship we are in - with the two-legged’s and four-legged’s alike - the more we step into our own embodied presence, the more engaged and connected our relationship is with our horse.


And from there, we can go off and do great things together.

Most people who work with me are looking for a different way to be with their horses outside of the dominance paradigm that has been in the horse industry for so long. They want to be in partnership and connected to their horses as well as feel safe doing so.

I’ve had a lifetime journey of being with horses: from a child, growing up on a ranch, messing around on quarter horses to an adult who has applied not only the teachings of deep-thinking horse trainers but also yoga, Buddhist, and sheepdog (!) influences to the training of a mustang and other horses as well as helping people.

This work is not just for people who own or ride horses. 

For years, I have mentored and coached hundreds of clients on their personal and professional development journey with horses as my partner. I have worked with individuals exploring new ways of being, teens and adults in recovery programs, and corporate professionals in team leadership development. 

Along my way of being in the world, both as a youth and an adult, I find that I continually draw on my horse experience to help me through my life both in and outside the corral. Horses have and will always be my True North.

My work is rooted in science and the wilds of nature. I am a life-long learner who researches and attends classes and clinics and who spends time in nature reflecting and listening. When working with clients, I rely on connection from the horses, my own experience as a horse person and the inner wisdom that is within all of us. 

I do what I do in honor of the horse.

 I'd love to connect:



The fine print: 

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Bachelor of Science Degree Graduate

Certified Equine Interaction Professional - Educator (CEIP-ED)

Board Chair, CEIP

Certified Nutrition Consultant (NC), Bauman College

Ocean Riders of Marin, a 501c Non-Profit, Board Member

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