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Embodied Presence
Horsemanship & Mentoring

For people who understand that a good relationship with their horse, starts with a good relationship with self.

 What is Embodied Presence?

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A journey into the present

To me, it’s about showing up as I am in that moment and owning my thoughts, my feelings, my (re)actions, my words. Expressing as much congruence as possible (and realistically appropriate for the context). It’s also about showing my presence whether it’s taking a seat at the table, holding space for someone else’s feelings, starting a difficult conversation, or picking up a lead rope or rein.


I’m not on a journey for perfection; I’m on a journey to the truest parts and deepest wisdom within myself. Horses are the perfect partners to play and practice with – the more fully and wholly that we step in, the more present and connecting they become. 

Are you:

- wanting to learn a force-free way to be with your horse?

- ready to have fun with your horse?

- wanting to learn more about horses and a traditional riding program doesn't feel right?

- more comfortable in the saddle than on the ground?

- looking for greater connection with your horse?

- a new horse owner needing help?

Part on-the-ground horsemanship, part personal development: 


I teach horse people how to build trust, connection, and competency through ground skills so that they can safely ride and enjoy their horses.


Whether you ride or not, there are a wealth of skills to be learned that not only will enhance your horse's fitness and training but also enrich your relationship.

So much out there in horsemanship is about working on the horse, but rarely includes working on ourselves at the same time. Let's ask first - not dominate. Learn about body language, calming/stress signals, sharing space, taking space for the horse and ourselves. Engage in two-way communication. Get present with our own thoughts, feelings and actions. The more we show up in our own embodied presence, the more the horse is able to connect and partner with us.


Working within LIMA (least invasive, minimally aversive) parameters, all of this work is done from the ground. I personally feel there is no better way to improve one's horse skills and be in relationship.

Ready to learn more?

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