Equine Encounters

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Why the Horse?

Humans have been partnering with horses for hundreds and hundreds of years. We owe more to the horse for our civilization than any other being or invention: the horse has carried us to new homes and through wars, helped us plow our fields, and been a family companion. They delivered our mail! Less than one hundred years ago, horses were a part of our daily existence - either you had one or you encountered one on the street or nearby farm.

Horses continue to serve their humans as their reflective partners by nudging us into authenticity and our truest, highest selves using their keen prey instincts without judgment. They have a sophisticated herd hierarchy which pushes us into better relationships with others and with self. Horses model self-care and living in the present moment - all excellent tools for thriving and surviving in our non-stop lives.


Private Sessions

I facilitate one to one sessions for adults on weekdays out of my barn in Muir Beach. 

  • Is your life in transition?

  • Are you working through something?

  • Needing to find some clarity?

  • Wanting to get more present and find connection?

  • Looking to see how to show up authentically in life?

  • Working on setting boundaries with people or work?


There are a variety of reasons people come to work with me - from fine tuning their leadership skills to better lead their work teams and/or their families to personal development. The common value is that all are on a journey of self.

Horses are brilliant at teaching us about ourselves, showing us our habits as well as how we present. Sessions are integral in reflecting what is unspoken and traveling to the root of whatever is at hand.

Meetings are up to 90 minutes (we are on horse-time after all!).

Contact me to set up a call to book or learn more.

Professional and leadership development for business and organizational teams ... everyone is coming back together after a long time apart. What is next for your team?

Marin Ranch School … is an experiential learning space for kids to have fun, unplug, and get dirty while mastering life skills and contributing to a community.

Next session starts September 2022, sign ups happen in August.  

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