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Nutrition Services

Work with Me


Are you wondering if you're eating the right food for your condition?

Are you dealing with a diagnosis and wondering how to be best supporting it in the kitchen?


Are you post-treatment and wondering what to do next?

Do you feel ok but want to feel optimal?  Have energy slumps throughout the day?


Needing someone to give your eating plan a once-over?


There are many different ways to work with me.  The first step is a free consultation call where we can chat and learn about each other.  From there, based on your needs and time line, I can suggest a plan that would help meet that goal.  It could be a simple one-time get together for some fine tuning or a more involved therapeutic nutrition plan needing more support.


I do most of my meetings by phone or FaceTime/Skype.  We can also meet in person if you're local (Marin County).  I'm here by email in between our meetings.  Expect that our working together will encompass 2-3 months; change takes time and we want the healthy changes you make to be lasting.



Do you have a group you'd like me to talk to?  I can give talks and cooking classes and tailormake them to fit your audience's needs.  Contact me with your ideas.



Cowgirl Cook

Cowgirl Cook is the cooking side of my practice. I prep meals for busy families and put stews and soups together for seniors on home care. I emphasize that I am a cook not a chef -- I provide wholesome, nutritious meals using organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

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